We are moving - Sense of Delight near Zurich as of July 2014

Our address has changed and we now concentrate all our efforts on the development of the Swiss Market for our new Caviar Partner "Maison Kaviari" (www.kaviari.fr).

Some things will never change, so do not miss to check out our internet page on a regular basis for new delights. We are still dedicated to being a food and beverage scout although there is a huge number of delicacies already around us. Trust us - we will surprise you, even without a physical shop.

Further we would like to thank all our loyal partners and clients which, as a matter of fact, we certainly keep up to date on our developments. The people we met and the experiences we made are memorable and indispensable. Still tied to the Bernes Mountains for family reasons we would like to thank all our supporters, friends and families - we will see each other soon. At the latests with regards to the upcoming "Winterzauber-Gstaad" (Winterzauber-Gstaad) in December 2014 and our kids project (Prix de Gessenay) Kids für Kids Ferien-Fun for which we have just founded a society to finish some groundwork - just to mention a few of our projects we have started before we moved and which we certainly still work on although from some more distance to the region.