Food Trends - Sustainability

Quality and Commitment - A Question of Ethics

The caviar market has been undergoing a significant transformation over the past 10 years. Unethical overfishing techniques almost erased wild sturgeon from the surface of the earth. Now, the CITES (Convention on International Trading in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is protecting our favorite fish and regulating caviar trading worldwide by issuing licenses and fishing quotes.

Wild Caviar is not forbidden and many sturgeons farms have been created around the world in highly regulated, natural invironments. Those new farmers can now produce ethical farmed caviar, as good as any wild one.

Kaviari was on of the first caviar houses to support this sustainable approach. Thanks to our initial experience in wild caviar, we are now able to find and work with the best authorized farms around the world. The respect of the environment, of the animal and of the European health standards are of a paramount importance to them.

Following those principles, they travel throughout the entire year to select farmed caviar worthy of the greatest wild caviar. By working with the best starred chefs and connoisseurs in the world, it is their duty to offer only excellence. This pupose motivates their daily commitment and the love they put in their and we in our work.