Maitre de Caviar - Care

Rigorous Traceability

Kaviari selects caviar from the farm, a long but rewarding process guaranteeing the quality. The roes selected are stored in cold rooms for an optimal preservation, before starting the maturation process. Like the finest wine, caviar needs time and this is only when the next cru has reached its potential that they pack it, following a very strict HACCP procedure in their laboratory for maximum health and safety conditions.

Each tin is labelled so every information can be available: its variety, origin, batch number, approvals, production site, selling date and ingredients. So that we can tell you the beautiful story of your caviar, whenever you want.

Delicate Work - With Specific and Precise Gestures

Everyday and for every order, the Kaviari team of professionals handles your products with care to preserve their quality. They select the best grains for you before weighing and packing your caviar, according to your wishes. Your satisfaction in our priority.

Hand-Carved Salmon

The salmon requires as much attention as the precious roes. Smoked followin ancestral traditions, Kaviari delicately slices every fish by hand, for a paper-thin quality. It is then carefully packed to ensure the finest textrue and the freshest quality. Partner Contact: